Welcome to Jester Metal Art!Jesse Cox

A detail view of a Cross Sculpture.Metal is an amazing substance, it is so rigid and yet can be so pliable in the hands of an artist. Over the years I have learned and discovered techniques that have turned my talent for metal work into a skilled art form. I feel that I am not just manipulating metal, but I have an intuitive connection with each piece that I work on. I direct the way the metal bends but I don't force it into a shape that doesn't feel natural. As a result, the pieces that I produce are unique and interesting. I certainly can produce repetitive patterns as seen in some of my railings, however I much prefer to do free—flowing designs (check out my railing in the Wolf Building in Silverton, OR).

I love doing sculptures, but I think it's great when art can be joined with function. Why not make things that are useful as well as beautiful? A wine rack, a lamp, an "OPEN" sign, even structural I-beams embellished with fish sculptures are some of the ways that I‘ve turned something functional into a work of art. And it is not simply by making these things decorative, there are details that are difficult to capture in pictures that make all the difference in quality. I've tried to show some examples of the work that I've done so far, and I'll add more pictures as I get them. Fish SculpturesAs you can probably see, my style is more on the traditional side. I'm not into modern geometric designs, I prefer organic and sometimes ornate. I also prefer to make my own parts, I don't buy pre-cast pieces and assemble them. If I want leaves or scrolls I hammer and bend them out myself. I also do my own stained glass(see Open sign). Quality and consistency are important to me. I'm not out to mass produce anything, I want to create beautiful, unique, and functional works of art. There are endless things that can be made with metal and it's such a great way to add beauty as well as value to your home or business. Check out my pictures, see what you think, and give me a call. I always try to exceed expectations.